Happy Air Max Day ladies and gentlemen! The annual sneakerhead holiday has turned into a fashion show in recent years, as sneakers have become an essential part of every fresh look. A little while back, we explored how Adidas' branding had shot them to the top of footwear style, challenging the king of footwear, Nike. Yet, this year, Nike's Air Max Day has really been an Air Max Month, where release after release has put the shoe giant on front stage. Whether it was the Acronym release tapping John Mayer for their promotion, or today's coveted Sean Wotherspoon's release, Nike has been bringing out the big guns. 

So, if you're lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles, Chicago or New York area, Nike has procured a fresh event for you. The "Air Gallery" features local artists, unique to each city, and their interpretation of Nike's newest must-have style, the Air Max 270. The artist's renditions are on display and you can buy unique T-shirts and Nike nick-nacks to match. The event started over the weekend and will have it's final big day today, Monday, March 26th, in celebration of Air Max Day. So, get on over there and if you're in Los Angeles, the event is at 2270 Venice Blvd. near Downtown; and check out our pics from the event yesterday to see what you're in store for:  

Cover image courtesy of @bijoukarmen & Instagram