Reggae-dancehall artist @eesahmusic representing RastaToTheBone in Kingston, Jamaica.

Reggae-dancehall artist @eesahmusic representing RastaToTheBone in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jamaican music brings forth more than just good vibes. It has given the world style, dance, culture, and most importantly a way of life in Rastafari. Rastafari has spread far and wide. Its creed of dwelling in the path of righteousness has affected and touched numerous cultures. These cultures have joined in the plight for natural living while utilizing the earth's resources. Devotees of Rastafari also nurture an overstanding of the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I. The overstanding of His teachings come in many forms and is sometimes expressed through style. This is the force behind our latest StyleWatch: RastaToTheBone clothing. Their goal; to reach as many people who embrace Rastafari the way they do. "Most of our T-shirts do contain messages from HIM Emperor Hailse Selassie the 1st – "It is us today it will be you tomorrow" (League on Nations as a result of Ethiopia’s invasion) - “God and history will remember you judgement also at (League of Nations in response to the barbaric attack) and ”Ethiopia shall soon stretch her hands onto God," the biblical prophecy refers to the Psalms written mostly by King David around the time of King Solomon and Queen Makeda from Sheba (Ethiopia) whom HIM Emperor Haile Selassie is a direct descendant under the Solomonic Dynasty -Root of David, the oldest dynasty in the world," says RastaToTheBone, when asked about their spiritual messaging.

We recently sat down with RastaToTheBone to see where their inspiration comes from and how they found a way to express the culture through style:

KINGSTONTOLA: How did you find the inspiration to start RastaToTheBone; how do you recall everything coming together?

RastaToTheBone: RastaToTheBone was born out of love and respect for His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie the 1st and the Rastafari faith, culture, and livity; together with great desire to reclaim culture, hence the reason for our slogan (RECLAIMING CULTURE THROUGH CLOTHING) - RastaToTheBone (RTTB) came together as a concept. We realized that the clothing industry was not representing HIM and Rasta in general, in the way that it deserved. It was sometimes portrayed as a non-serious movement or misrepresented, often using the wrong symbols or simply just not transferring the real meaning of Rastafari and its cultural and spiritual value. 

Eventually RTTB put all ideas on the table and began to manifest their life-long love for the arts. The team began to design T-shirts, while putting all fundamental ideas in place. It took nearly two years for the official launch, which took place on August 2nd, 2016, coinciding with the Repatriation and Reparations March in London.

KINGSTONTOLA: What are some of the greatest moments of support for your brand that you can recall?

RastaToTheBone: The greatest moments come from the customers; when they let you know how happy they are with their products, the simple fact that they love it and wear it with pride from every corner of the earth. From here in the United Kingdom all the way to the USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and even Australia! Rastafari children are all over the world and RastaToTheBone has no borders! To even reggae music artists like Sizzla who was seen with our "Collective Security” or Walshy Fire from Major Lazer who wore our Lion of Judah over Solomonic style crest at the Global Citizen Festival in September; to our most recent collaborations like Zion Roots sounds for the Akae Beka (Midnite) California Tour, Trinidadian artiste Jah Bami, Belgian selecta Bramma Shanti and deep-roots reggae sensation Subajah, with whom we continue to collaborate into 2017. There are even more exciting collaborations coming soon. For instance, with African/French reggae artist Jah Den, as well as our wonderful models who are part of the ever-growing RastaToTheBone family. To be honest, everyone moment of support has contributed to RastaToTheBone brand. 

 Lion Vibes; RastaToTheBone in London, UK.

Lion Vibes; RastaToTheBone in London, UK.

KINGSTONTOLA: What are the challenges in creating a clothing line?

RastaToTheBone: To start something is always a challenge in every way. It involves a lot of time and funds and a great deal of sacrifice but when you are passionate about something somehow it seems not to matter. Still, our biggest challenge is to reach out to everyone that loves Rasta and let them know about our unique designs and excellent quality clothing.

KINGSTONTOLA: How did you learn about Haile Selassie I and his teachings?

RastaToTheBone: I have always been interested in history and art from my childhood. 
I always knew about Selassie and Ethiopia but I became more knowledgeable as I grew older, educating my self through books, media and knowledgeable members of the community, without forgetting, of course, the power of Reggae music. This remains a key factor in spreading the message worldwide through its music, powerful lyrics and conscious and charismatic artists. 

KINGSTONTOLA: What inspires you to take back the culture?

RastaToTheBone: The truth that it represents, the overflowing spirituality and the love that it emanates – Rastafari is King of Kings. 

KINGSTONTOLA: Who is your ideal demographic?

RastaToTheBone: We are reaching to anyone who loves Rasta as much as we do. We would like to see more people wearing our designs and spreading the culture. We want people to wear something that would represent them in the manner that is intended and rightfully owned. RastaToTheBone is not age related, we have customers of all ages, but we love to see young people interested as they represent the future but equally we proud to see our elders rocking the shirts too. 

KINGSTONTOLA: What’s coming up for RastaToTheBone this year?

RastaToTheBone: We will continue to bring new designs into RastaToThebone. Our “Nubian Spirit” collection will be added with new exciting designs, also a new range called “Vintage Ethiopia” with limited editions T-shirts and tops. This new romantic collection will bring some beautiful old style inspired designs to our store, using lightweight but high-quality shirts just to give it that “vintage feel.”

We will also introduce new garments to include, tank tops and head-wear; and other pieces to be revealed. 

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