Whether you are in town for a quick visit, or you are a resident, barbershops reign supreme. A new haircut, a fresh line up, there really isn't anything like it. So, you need it, basically. Here are 3 of our top spots for what you need with the best experience:

The Barbershop Club (Farmer's Market)

This laid back establishment is in the heart of hell; better known as The Grove. As an Angeleno, it's the best love hate relationship I've had. It's shops and outdoorness are amazing, but holy hell it can be a mess. To relieve yourself of all this madness, nestled in the farmers market, is a barbershop that harkens back to the early days of getting a fresh cut.  Blues plays, beers poor, and they'll even grab you something from one of the many eateries in the famed farmers market.  Pretty much perfection.  

Frank's Chop Shop: 

Originally started in NY, this barbershop is really the essence of cool. Modeled after Ben Franklin (the OG of all things American Freshness), it's LA flagship is set on getting you set up. Get a fresh cut, check the art (it double's as an art gallery), or just enjoy the cut. Recently, The Hundreds paid them a visit and talked to owner Mike Malbin about the shop. Enjoy the clip.

Blind Barber

So, it's after work, you're hungry, you could really use a craft cocktail, and your hair is a rat's nest. We know the feeling, and so does Blind Barber. Not only are their cuts some of the best in the city, but they offer you a reason to come back. Grab a drink, have a tuna melt, and you're ready for bed. Nuff said.  

LA living.

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Featured image courtesy of Marc Cooper