Los Angeles based streetwear brand, Struggle Lifestyle™, is an ode to the journey most dreamers undergo while making their dreams a reality. As young entrepreneurs, it’s definitely a lifestyle struggle KingstontoLA identifies with. For us, the struggle is a path to greatness, which is why they’re one of our favorite LA based apparel lines!

We recently sat down with Struggle Lifestyle ™ to find out more about their brand. First things first, we had to ask the inevitble, how did they get their name? One of Sruggle Lifestyle’s two CEOs, Erick Badillo, stated they recently changed their prototypical name (at the beginning of the year) from Struggle Los Angeles, to Struggle Lifestyle™. This change came about due to the desire to make the clothing line an all inclusive representation of culture. In the struggle we trust.

“If you’re not born with a pot of gold and you have to fight to get that pot of gold, we rep you,” says Badillo. The brand didn’t get to where they are now without a little “struggle.” The team originally started knocking on retail doors and got some no’s initially. However, with dedication and resillience, the brand has steadily developed a following over their three year lifespan. For Badillo and company, quality is the most important charachteristic of their brand. Struggle Lifestyle™ manages a smaller inventory per season because as Badillo puts it “why confuse the consumer with too many choices?” For them it’s quality over quantity and it shows.

Next up, Struggle Lifestlye™ will have a booth at the upcoming BET Experience, on June 25-28 in Los Angeles. Feel free to follow them on Instagram @strugglexlifestyle for more pop up shops. To represent what dreams are made of and rock Struggle Lifestyle™ on your own time, shop online.