Do you ever get tired of hearing the saying “you can’t pair this with that, it’s against fashion rules?” First of all who are THEY? Who are the fashion gods saying you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Please. Some “fashion rules” are totally meant to be broken. Like a pro. Heed this advice and find your fashion freedom. Some great examples are:

1. “Never wear black with brown or blue.” Whatever! Yes you CAN wear black with navy or brown. It’s all about how you collaborate these colors and putting a modern twist on it.

Picture this, a blazer or dress with blacks and blues and add a pop of hot pink or neon yellow. It’s all about balance and adding a pop to make your outfit modern and fun!

2. “Never mix prints.” Well just toss that rule out the window! Yes you can mix prints and look elegantly stylish while doing it. Mixing prints is the new trend and I can definitely see why. Just make sure you stay in the same color family and don’t go overboard. This look done right can make you the next trend setter.

3. "You can’t wear hosiery with open-toe shoes." This one is tricky, but hosiery done right can give you an edgy, sophisticated look. Avoiding nude is key but wearing high-end hosiery in colors gives the look a unique one. Can you imagine your freshly pedicured toes peeking out of fish net or lace stockings? Just killer. If you want to go more sophisticated, match your shoes to your leg wear.

4. Finally, the rule that has caused many a confused fashionista, “No wearing white after Labor Day.” Yes you can wear white all year round, just make sure you are wearing the right fabrics for each season. White is the most classic look a woman can wear. It’s the foundation of the good old OOTD.

SO I hope you can now rest assured there are many “fashion rules” that just have to be broken. Most importantly always stay true to yourself and ALWAYS wear your style with confidence.