Did you know that even shoes can play a part in dramatically making the body look smaller? Are you picking out the right shoes for your body type? I’d like to share some quick tricks to make the body proportionate and even slimmer!

So ladies (and gents) we all know heels change the whole outfit from height to hemline but did you know there is a perfect heel for each body type?

If you are a petite woman you definitely should be picking out heels that are not too high, since they will disproportion the body. Stick with med length heels and even pointy shoes as they will elongate the legs.

These Loubitins are a little high but they are nice and pointy.

Women with thicker calves look fantastic in chunky or stacked heels. You may want to stick to neutral tones for it slims down the legs.

These Rachel Zoes are perfect!

One of the most important rules of thumb when picking out shoes is to make sure you can walk in them. No one wants to see Frankenstein walking in the daylight. Ladies you all have done it and we all have seen it. Yes, sometimes fashion can be painful but with the right style for your body and finding the right fit, who said you cant have it all?

Men I have a tip for you as well make sure your socks match the color of your pants not the color of your shoe.

Remember there is a perfect shoe and fit for everyone. Never again will you have to ask “do these shoes make me look fat?”