The Matrix According to Kanye

Yeezus, what a week.  TGIF.  TTYL. KIT. We here at Kingston to LA are exhausted. Grammys + New York Fashion Week= exhaustion.  Really, let’s be honest. It’s been Grammys+NYFW=Yeezus.  From his incendiary comments post Grammys, to his sneaker giveaway at the airport, his shoes going on display and blowing up the internet quicker than his wife, then … his fashion show. I guess what we are saying is, YOU think YOU had a busy week? Please. Kanye is king this week. A self appointed one, but the king nonetheless.

Check out his adidas Originals fashion show below. Its Yeezy certified with fresh Matrix-like clothing [the Matrix clothing when they were in the present, which was on ships, outside of the matrix in Zion, where people knew the Matrix was real, and were really hot, and …you get the idea]. Oh and listen to his new song “Wolves” with Sia+Vic Mensa at 8:33.

Seeee? Welcome to Yeezus Week: