Funky hair colors! Even though this eccentric hair trend has been around since the punk rock/grunge stages of the late 80s-early 90s, we’ve seen a mainstream crossover in the last few years. You no longer have to be on stage munching a bat or concerning yourself with teen spirit to rock these glam colors on your dome.

Many say it started with spring 2010 runway shows and re-emerged on the runway in 2011; proving that colorful hair was here to stay. Pop icons such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, and Hayley Williams have all helped to solidify the funky hair color appeal.

Celebs have even begun endorsing and selling these bold hair colors by turning this trend into an accessory. No longer do you have to accept a full fledged marriage proposal from your prospective hair color. Now, you can just accessorize extensions or clip ons, and pass Go. One of the most popular clip ins come from Kylie Jenner’s hair extension collaboration with BELLAMI called Kylie Hair Kouture.

Other popular hair brands like Manic Panic , who have been around since the late 70s, continue to be the main go to for bold, eccentric colors. Whether you feel like committing to a color, or just using some glam strips to accessorize your hair style. Manic Panic is said to be the most popular brand used in salons because of the dependability and wide variety of shades it offers.

Hot colors that are currently in: Teal, Deep Purple, Light Pink, Fire Engine Red, and the newest, Rose Gold. I know what my next hair color is, do you?