Well, it's official. Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, confirmed his retirement on Friday of last week from film and music via Facebook Livestream. This confirms his original announcement in January on Kanye's website in regards to his retirement from the entertainment industry.  

Photo Courtesy of Yasiin Bey & Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Yasiin Bey & Instagram

If you live in Cape Town, you will be able to catch his last live performance in town this week. If you are not, you can catch a livestream version of this final performance on Facebook. Yasiin also has one more music release titled Dec. 99th that he completed with Ferrari Shepard. Listen to a track from the upcoming release below titled "Seaside Panic Room": 

Whether or not this will stick remains to be seen. Yet any way you slice it, Yasiin will be missed. Here's a little throwback to get your week going in the right direction and bring back those some good old Hip Hop-Reggae tempo vibes:  

All photos courtesy of Yasiin Bey & Instagram