The city of Los Angeles has small pockets of community - Downton LA, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Echo Park, Venice, Sliverlake, Lemeirt Park, the list goes on. Each with it's own story to tell. Each it's own constellation of vibes and every Angeleno knows what they will get when visiting or residing in these different communities. It is a rare day when this city feels whole; feels like a community. Saturday, January 21st, at the Women's March LA was one of those rare occasions.  

With an estimated 750,000 people in attendance, Los Angeles' women and their supporters made their presence known. The young, the old, and everyone in between donned self-made signs that expressed their disgust, frustration, love and support of all things human. From Pershing Square to City Hall, the crowd sang, chanted and showed their solidarity. 

The city was alive. Trains took two hours to get people downtown from different areas of the city, and if this was your plan on how to get down to Pershing Square (like me) you had to find other means. But, it was no matter, the feeling of the day carried people through. Guest speakers at the event included Natalie Portman and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to the crowd as well, assuring all that the city would stick to it's values, the values that make this a great city. As the march began to settle into the late afternoon, you could find marchers dining at one of downtown's local eateries, as the sense of community filled the air. The march, a success, the day, a special one.  

It's tough to put into words what days like Saturday mean in the scheme of days we all have on this earth. Yet, it's best described as a feeling. The day goes from being about your stance, your political view, your anger, to being about a feeling; a feeling of community. I personally was honored to be present for such a feeling, for such a day. For me, I was there to honor the women who have and who continue to guide my journey. To stand in solidarity with my city's sisters. To stand for women in our beautiful city and across the globe. To stand for community in the face of separation and to remember those women who have made it possible for me to do so.      

Courtesy of TYT here is a video recap, showcasing the historic turnout in Los Angeles: