Jamaicans are known for their tenacious spirit and strong work ethic. A passion that marks the resilience of the island's vibrant history and culture. Within the past few years, a slew of independent artists have infiltrated Jamaican's rapidly growing arts and music community. One integral player working behind the scenes, known for his skills and passion, is graphic artist Lawrence L. Deacon

 Lawrence "LarryDee" Deacon.

Lawrence "LarryDee" Deacon.

At only 22 years young, Deacon has set himself apart with his innovative and forward thinking designs. Combined with a love for music, his work has began popping up throughout Jamaica's little but tallawah reggae-dancehall industry. Deacon's passion is unrivaled. His commitment to creating beyond the cliche, has connected him with musicians and artists all over the world.

Born in the parish of St. Thomas, Deacon began realizing his knack for design when he enrolled in Jamaica's elite arts and music conservatory, The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. From there, he began networking with like minded creators which propelled his vision to where it is today. He now owns his own company, under his own name Lawrence L. Deacon, where he has worked with some of the world's finest including Chronixx, Warrior King, Dre Tosh, TiMe 22 Watches, Brytell, Yink, Trackdilla,  Dj Spade (Drake’s Tour DJ), Fabrice Gautier and Coco Jones just to name a few. 

 Deacon is responsible for the artwork behind Chronixx' recent Caribbean Chronology tour.

Deacon is responsible for the artwork behind Chronixx' recent Caribbean Chronology tour.

KingstonToLA recently sat down with Deacon to learn more about his design work.

KingstonToLA: Tell us more about yourself, what do people not know about Lawrence "LarryDee" Deacon?

Lawrence Deacon: I'm just a simple person living in a complicated world that I am struggling to understand daily, and in depths of my solitude I found art at a tender age. I started drawing around the age of 7, back then I wanted to get my family a bigger house car everything that was missing. Along the way I found myself pouring all my emotions out on paper, drawing abstract like patterns. My mother would normally put them around on the walls of the house. She thought they were unusually beautiful, but she didn't exactly know those were all my dreams, ambitions and sadness in every image. In high school I was aspiring to become an architect but I was introduced to graphic design by my art teacher while doing visual arts. 

KNG2LA: Now you're fully immersed in the world of graphic art. What inspires you to think outside of the box?

LD: Creating art is natural, I think being an only child for 18 years of my life contributed to the person/artist I am today. It's no formula nor is it me getting up and saying I'm inside or out of a box. Just like if you put a man in the wild he will fight to survive because if nature wins he will die.  In my case being lonely is the wild and art helped me to survive being me and that's what inspires me, survival. 

KNG2LA: What’s your creativity mantra?

LD: My emotional response to my environment.

KNG2LA: Do you feel being Jamaican gives you a certain creative advantage?

LD: I think my location is more of a driving factor behind why I work so hard. The only advantage is that I am Jamaican so my work reflects some bits and pieces of where I'm from. On the flip, it's a disadvantage where resources are concerned. I think as a visual artist I am not limited to my location nor am I limited to any location in general. Put me on mars I will still create. The real question is what will I create? That's where the advantage comes in. My art is me wanting better, creating a better reality. Being in Jamaica both limits me but at the same time gives me that drive to strive for better.

Indeed. View more of Deacon's intellectual designs in our slide show below:

Watch Deacon speed painting here and follow on Instagram @lawrencedeacon1 for more greatness.