This post is a special collaboration from guest contributors DJ Daneekah and Yassi Amini.

BRT Weekend's California edition has become a West Coast reggae-dancehall attraction. Most festival weekends can be a tough venture; but BRT makes it their goal to have their series of events become an unforgettable experience. While, there are many reasons why BRT weekend is just that special. See our top choices below.  

Location: Palm Springs, the beautiful desert city sheltered by the San Bernadino, Santa Rosa, and San Jacinto mountains, is located just outside of Los Angeles.  Beautiful back drops, plenty of palm trees, and the desert heat are some of the main reasons why Palm Springs stays a tourist attraction year round.

Entertainment: With sounds such as Coppershot, Chromatic, and Renaissance, the music stayed on point. The promoters made sure to highlight some of Cali’s finest with Krossfayah's DJ Courtesy out of LA and Young Fyah out of The Bay.  The Country Boy, Mr. Charly “Trelawny” Black, kicked off the first night performing hit after hit.  And for all the Soca fans, Jouvert was hype with Kerwin Du Bois commanding the crowd.  From reggae, to hip hop, dancehall to soca, it is fair to say everyone was pleased. 

Attractive Crowd:  Good looking women and men everywhere.  And unlike parties in your local citites, BRT attracts those living in other states that you don’t ever party with.  Each party was themed and it was obvious that the outfit planning and packing was taken seriously by all those in attendance.  Simply put, there was eye candy for everyone.

All Inclusiveness:  It helps to not have to worry about carrying money on you when out and about.  Except to tip the beautiful bar tenders of-course.  With each ticket purchase, food and drinks were included at all 6 day parties. Upon arrival, party goers received their very own BRT cup that was able to be refilled at one’s leisure.  This not only made a great souvenir, but also helped reduce the trash over the weekend. 

Vybz: It was clear at all moments that everyone who attended was there to have a good time and that’s what was witnessed.  If a dance tune dropped, the entire crowd joined in doing that dance.  No fighting, shade throwing, or messy moments at all. DJ Copper Cutty at one moment asked the crowd “put one hand inna di air” and that’s exactly what the crowd did. Even with the dessert heat, everyone was fully tuned in and freed up.  

Weather: With days in the 90s and nights in the high 70s, low 80s … how could one not love sunny southern California? Plus the warmer it is, the less clothes folks had on.  

Ganja: It’s no secret that California is home to the best ganja and one of the most liberal states for those who choose to partake in it.  The aroma of good Cali ganja, and the ability to freely smoke with out being harassed by the police is always a plus.  

Never underestimate a good party. That's BRT in a nutshell. Good vibes, good people, good everything. Next year, just be there, wherever BRT decides to party.