"Cant Hold Me" is the brand new EP from Bobby Hustle - out now on all digital outlets.

"Cant Hold Me" is the brand new EP from Bobby Hustle - out now on all digital outlets.

For almost two years, reggae artiste Bobby Hustle tirelessly defended his freedom in Costa Rica. He faced eight to fifteen years for a charge he was eventually acquitted of in December 2017. While there - on a forced hiatus of sorts, Hustle was able to develop material he would later use on his brand new record "Cant Hold Me," a seven track EP, produced exclusively by Seattle's Loud City Music.

KingstonToLA recently caught up with Bobby Hustle to find out more about his brand new record.

KingstonToLA: What does Can’t Hold Me mean to you?

Bobby Hustle: To me 'Cant Hold Me' means a few things. First as a project it's a testament to perseverance and faith. I mean a year ago at this time I was facing 8-15 years in a Costa Rican jail. I didn't know if I was ever gonna get to release my music again. It reminds me that I made it through the 'fire.' It gives me strength to take on a next challenge, cuz there will always be more. Secondly, musically, it's an evolution for me. I've been known primarily as a reggae riddim artist, voicing for many different producers. 'Cant Hold Me' was produced exclusively by Loud City Music in Seattle. So the vibe is consistent throughout the project. Also, it features a few different styles for me. More dancehall inspired beats and patterns. I pride myself on delivering lyrics and concepts in new ways. If you listen to the project I think you'll hear that. No one sounds like me, and I don't sound like anyone.

KNG2LA: While being 'stuck' in Costa Rica, how did your music develop during this time?

BH: I had a lot of time to write while I was there so I have a hard drive full of ideas and rough drafts. In Costa Rica I was exposed to many Latin artists I wasn't familiar with. I worked with a few different Costa Rican artists (Jahricio, RastaManuel, Talawa), but those songs are still unreleased. I don't think the affect of the Latin culture has surfaced yet in my music, but I plan on doing a lot more collaborations with the Latin world, reggaeton, dancehall etc.

KNG2LA: How have you been spending your time since returning to the United States?

BH: Since back in the states I've been trying to focus on music as much as possible. Of-course after two years, I spent a couple months with my family. But during that time I was working on this new project when I could. In the spring I came down from Seattle to NorCal for some links, but I am making my way to LA. I'm releasing this project independently so I'm trying to make sure I tie up all the loose ends. That alone has been keeping me mad busy. But the rollout looks good so I'm happy. Also, I've started taking shows again so look out for me in a city near you! I'll be on the east coast for a few select dates in August and I'm planning my fall movements now.

The EP's lead single is also titled 'Cant Hold Me'. "It tells the story of my arrest and sets the tone for the project: lyrics, melody and story over clean dancehall-inspired production," says Bobby Hustle.

Coming up next, fans can catch Bobby Hustle performing live at a few dates around the US, starting in Pittsburgh - hist first time in the city. From there the tour continues to New England for a few more shows, stay tuned @bobbbyhustleofficial on Instagram for the full schedule!

Listen to "Cant Hold Me," a myriad of reggae upliftment, a true salute to freedom, here on KingstonToLA: 

Featured image via Bobby Hustle Official Page.