On Bob Marley's 71st birthday, February 6th of this year, Marley Natural debuted to di world it's "consciously-curated" cannabis products at a party in Los Angeles California. At the much anticiapted event they showcased their budding flower, a hemp seed body care line, and black walnut accouterments. And in keeping with the times, convenient vape products.

Marley Natural prides itself on staying align with the spirit of Bob's connection to nature and passion for love. To connect and unify as one; in mind, body, and spirit. 

Jamaica is known for it's rich green land and the herbal remedies found within the lush green isle. Through farming and cultivating, bush doctors and herbalists, such as Marley's grandfather and mother as well as Rastaman, taught Bob about the healing properties of nature and the ital foods required for the body and mind's nourishment. Bob's daily routine required that he eat well, exercise (for Bob it was soccer), and smoke the ganja for livity. 

The Marley Natural product line is staying true to Bob's vision by believing in compassion and making a difference in the world. They are achieving this through their responsibly sourced, high-grade products with design inspired by the vibrant Jamaican culture.

For more information on where to find or how to purchase Marley Natural products view their website here.

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*Images courtesy of Marley Natural's Instagram