The Emergency USA Org is doing their part to strike out Ebola by debuting their new End Ebola Now campaign. The Emergency USA Org made a name for themselves after recently assisting with the release of two Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone and are currently running one of the ONLY fully-functioning hospitals in the West African nation. Emergency USA can also be credited with opening the first Ebola treatment center near Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown and are currently building another nearby.

In an effort to raise funds for Emergency USA, a team of L.A.’s top dancer’s, including renowned choreographer Chris Downey, are urging us to dance for the cause. The #ShakeEbolaOff challenge is slowly going viral and so far one of our fav celebrities Kevin Bacon, has accepted the challenge.

According to the End Ebola Now YouTube channel, here are some of the guidelines for the #ShakeEbolaOff challenge:

-Show your best dance moves!
-Dance to any song of your choice!
-Uncomfortable sharing your moves? Try some of theirs!
-Complete the challenge within 48 hours
-If you don’t complete the challenge, donate to Emergency USA
(OR, DO BOTH!!!)
-At the end of your video, nominate 3 people or groups for the challenge.

It’s that simple!

While I’ll attempt a dance video I can’t promise it’ll be posted so look out for my donation