Damnnnnn! TheFatJewish, as he is known to his one million plus followers on Instagram, recently made some scathing remarks about Jay Z and Beyonce’s offspring. Though he is known for his incendiary commentary and no one is ever safe, this one tops the cake. Alongside a pic-stitched photo of the two-year-old and a pretty young “version” of Beyonce, TheFatJewish wrote,  “Did anyone else think Blue Ivy was going to look like a caramel skinned princess and not a 32 year old lesbian with a criminal record?”

That’s pretty cruel, considering Blue is only a toddler. This kind of “joke” also perpetuates an ideal that curly hair and light skin equal beauty. As if Blue didn’t already face enormous pressure to live up to her mother’s own extraordinary good looks.

All we know is TheFatJewish better not end up on an elevator with Aunt Solange. We’re rooting for you Blue! #TeamBlue