Chicken Gunya?  Sounds like a dance craze or an exotic meal.  Right? Well it’s not.  It’s a mosquito born illness that is blowing through the Caribbean.  There have been over one million cases of Chikungunya in the Caribbean, with the virus spreading rampantly in countries such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and St. Martin. According to Carib Journal, Jamaica declared a national state of emergency in October 2014, when more than two thirds of the population contracted the virus in a very short time. Thankfully for some Caribbeans, Lindsay Lohan has been able to bring attention to the illness after recently contracting the virus while on vacation in the French Polynesian islands.

So what is it again?  It’s an illness caused by a virus spread through mosquito bitesz. Also known as Chick-V, it causes severe joint pain, high fever, rash and swelling. In some cases the joint pain, which is very similar to arthritis, will last several months after contracting the virus. Some people complain the pain is so severe they are unable to walk.

Lindsay Lohan has spent the last year in London working on her sobriety in an attempt to make a statewide comeback. She recently inked a deal to become the new spokesperson for Esurance. Even though some folks in the media believe Ms. Lohan may be faking it, hopefully reports of the illness will bring awareness to the debilitating ChikV virus. We here at KtoLA wish her a speedy recovery, regardless. If you plan on being a tourist in the Caribbean any time soon, please invest in some reliable bug spray.

One love!