New York Fashion Week is that week-long party you just can’t escape. It’s all over everybody’s timeline as a friendly reminder: you’re not there and missing all the fun. Having never been to NYFW, I feel that tinge of jealousy every time. KingstontoLA is planning for next year, but until then we’ll continue to admire the fashion, the celebrity parties and new models from afar. We’ve got the round up on our top moments from the most recent NYFW.

Brush your shouders off

Supermodel Candice Swanepoel took a spill during her gig at the Givenchy show. However, like any seasoned vet, she gracefully recovered and completed her walk. Swanepoel may be thanking her lucky stars for the slip, because she received tons of publicity for her carefree approach. I took notice too!After her fall, she took to Instagram to poke fun at herself: #ohwell

Rihanna’s Now Dating Travis Scott

She’s a little older than he is, and they’re not the usual couple, but Rih Rih and Travis were seen making out at several parties throughout NYFW. Before one of their now infamous make out sessions, the two were spotted together at several diffrent venues in NYC. TMZ posted a video of the two getting super close and confirming all the rumors.

Kanye West Pulls “Goliath-Like” Move

So, Kanye announced he will be showing his “Yeezy Season 2” fashion at NYFW on September 16th. That got people excited. We all know Kanye will bring the heat. We are hoping for another Morpheus inspired extravaganza (pin last years article). Then, this happened:

Fellow street-wear designer Anne Bowen, via WWD (Womens Wear Daily) had this to say about Kanye’s timing: “We have been prepping for a year for this at considerable financial, labor and commitment cost to our company. Our show date has been scheduled for months and has been on the Fashion Calendar for weeks. We went through all the proper channels to make this a reality. And just yesterday we learned that Kanye West is having a show at the same time on the same date as ours. Kanye knows he is a media sensation and it is just not ethical to do this. It’s like we are David and he is Goliath. We have put our heart and soul into our show, and should not be stepped on like this.”

That’s a raw deal if we’ve ever seen one. #Ohwell, Kim schmoozed with Anna Wintour as everyone melted over North West’s cuteness.

Check out to see a full write up on the creative direction and bts from Kanye's Yeezy Season 2 show!

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Squad #yeezy

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Kylie Jenner’s App Surpasses Instagram and Facebook

While the Kardashian’s were collectively spotted all over the Big Apple, It’s Kylie that’s been making the biggest splash lately. The iTunes store announced the 18-year-old’s newest venture, Kylie Jenner Official App, as its No. 1 free application on Wednesday. The five Kardashian sisters announced Monday they would each be releasing their own  [Kardashian overload] app, vying for Kylie’s spot as most downloaded.

Thank you Apple for helping us launch our new apps!!! #BossLadies

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NYFW has all the making’s of a Hollywood movie! Romance, backstabbing, falling and getting back up … we’re already looking forward to what next season has to offer.