Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

We’ve known Bruce Jenner as the patriarch of the Kardashian brand for years. A former Olympic star that legends were made of. Recently, Bruce Jenner made that legend status larger. The reality TV star got real real in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer. In the much anticipated interview, Bruce revealed that he’s had the soul of a woman ever since he could remember, and will be making a transition to a woman publicly. No longer keeping this a secret from the public eye.

Despite Bruce’s strong feelings that he is indeed meant to be a woman, he’s still attracted to the female gender. A little confusing yes, but we have to really hand it to him. He really put it out there. We believe he’s had to have been in turmoil keeping his feelings secret for years and truly commend his bravery.

Bruce’s revelation brings awareness to the Trans community and gives the nation (and the world) the opportunity to understand their fellow citizens. As Bruce’s family put it, it’s not a decesion, it’s a fact. For that we support Bruce Jenner! 100.

Bruce also revealed Kim Kardashian has been one of the most supportive family memebers, telling him if he’s going to really do this (transition) he’s gotta look “fabulous.” Jenner also revelaed that Kanye West helped Kim come to terms with this transition and gain understanding around what Bruce has been going through as he struggled with making the shocking announcement.

A pretty cool moment during the interview was when Bruce admits that even though he’s kept a relatively low profile while starring on Keeping up with the Kardashians, he’s always secretly held the biggest story. Indeed.Work it Bruce! We’re looking forward to your new name & support you in your new life!