Oh shit.

Not good.

Not good at all.

Well, I guess it isn’t that bad.If you haven’t already heard, Action Bronson’s rap style sounds eerily similar to rap legend’s Ghostface Killah. So much so Killah has mistaken Bronson’s raps for his own. True story. Most recently, Bronson was interviewed on ESPN’s “SportsNation,” when he was asked about this similarity in tone-rap style. Bronson responded with “He’s not rapping like this no more.” Uh oh. Shots fired.

Needless to say, when Killah heard about the reference, he didn’t take to kindly to it. The Wu Tang rapper followed up with a little video, retaliating to Bronson’s comments. In it, Killah pleads with Bronson to not do anything else to let him “gut (Bronson) like a pig,” calls him a “fat f**k” and basically rants-threats “I know the tour schedule” and various other bragging rights for about seven minutes. Even Teddy Pendegrass playing in the background didn’t soften the blows. Pree the video below:

Bronson responded in a series of tweets below:

Word is still out on Killah’s acceptance of the apology but judging from the video, we’re guessing he needs a few days. Even then, we think Killah deserves Bronson’s well warranted apology and there are two words for that. Wu and Tang. Forever.