Inspired by the golden age of Hip Hop and the Golden State, California native Byron "B" Cotton, better known as Tre Hype, has a lot to get off his chest. His cool Cali vibe and lyrically raw music is on point. He is a rhyme sayer, a father and a hard worker, who put his hip hop dreams aside to provide for his family. It's his turn now and he's ready.

 Follow  @TreHype  on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Follow @TreHype on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

KingstonToLA recently sat down with Tre Hype to learn a little bit more about the Hype Man. Born in Richmond CA, now residing in Los Angeles, Hype is the son of a preacher who strives to send the positive message of building one another up through his music. He stays away from the "Tony Montana" lifestyle rap game. Hype strives for the opposite, bringing variety as fresh as a breath of that crisp Northern Cali air. Yes, he may rap about drinking and smoking in his songs, but that's because he's a craft beer nut and a Cali trees connoisseur. His spirit is always light and fun, "We can't all be drug dealers, I want to show that Hip Hop can be more than just those topics." 

An artist's name is rarely a coincidental endeavor. Hype got his name due to his knack for getting the crowd "hyphy" and tearing down the house with his infectious, charismatic personality. He takes the lead when on stage, bringing his brand of crazy hype. Sometimes he even pauses to "Snapchat with his dawgs" in the midst of a performance.  

His sound is one that everyone can mob to. Describing what he does as real hip hop saying, "I grew up on real boom bap Hip Hop, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, Mac Dre, Too Short, E 40, Gangstarr, De La Sol, Snoop, Dr. Dre; that's what influences me." Hype's flows are swift atop a mix of beats and tempos. He works closely with good friend and producer, Colbi of L.O.U.D Mu$ic, who doubles as the hype man for the real hype man himself. Hype's homie, Big Cheeze, helps make beats for the rapper as well. You'll hear him shout him out, "Big Cheeze on the slaps" in many of his songs. Hype also grabs some "slaps" from  Ttay The Produkt and Mike Beats. Hoax, a beat maker and rapper from Boston, is also working alongside Hype this year on some new projects. A lot of collaboration and a lot to look forward to.  

Hype's upbeat attitude is contagious. His songs are catchy and so is his vibe. He has plans to release an album later this year possibly titled, "Real Muzack," which will be filled with a good mix of hip hop, trap, melodic type flows and beats dripping with serious Hype flavor." Earlier in the week he released the song, "Do It For Dilla Dawg," paying homage to hip hop legend. J Dilla is one of Hype's favorite producers and rappers from the golden age. A dream of his would be to one day make a mixtape using all of J Dilla's beats, "There would have to be like two or three volumes worth," says Hype. 

 Tickets and booking information contact

Tickets and booking information contact

Hype has been lucky enough to perform and share the microphone with many artists including: Too Short, Mac Dre, Tech N9e, Tash from the Alkoholiks and has won several freestyle battles. On Friday February 12th, during Grammy Weekend in LA., Hype shared the stage with a musician who once held the Guinness World Record for fastest rapper, Twista. If you missed the Hype train, not to worry, he will be back down soon!! 

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