The.Wav is one of those groups that attracts listeners, not only with their sound, but with a natural mystic that appeals to the eclectic, conscious music lover. Representing an Afrocentric worldview, their sound is rightfully categorized as Afro-trap; a combination of DVSN meets Kranium, an up-tempo swell of soothing frequencies combined with golden era Hip Hop. The members: Gregory Stutzer, Badí, Cardigan Deville and Kelly Be all bring their own unique style which, together, keeps every fan and follower popping up on their wave. 

The.Wav (L-R) Cardigan Deville, Gregory Stutzer, Kelly Be and Badí || Photo: Rachel Topping.

The.Wav (L-R) Cardigan Deville, Gregory Stutzer, Kelly Be and Badí || Photo: Rachel Topping.

KingstonToLA recently caught up with the Los Angeles-based group to get to know what makes them so wavy.

KINGSTONTOLA: Tell me about the members of the group and how each person represents the African diaspora?

The.Wav: Civilization began in Africa, so we believe the human race represents this diaspora. As for our members, Gregory is from Tanzania, Badí is Indonesian, Native American and Italian, Cardigan is Black American with Bajan roots and Kelly Be is Black American with Cuban roots.

KNG2LA: Wow. What a diverse group of artists. Finding a voice is a special journey for every artist. How did you all find your voice?

The.Wav: We've learned that the process of creating great music should be exactly that, a process. Allowing time and encouraging experimentation has allowed us space to constantly refine our sound.
KNG2LA: What has been some of the most revealing moments for The.Wav artistically? Was there a special event/moment that made your vision clearer?

The.Wav: Cultivating genuine relationships is the lifeblood of what we do. The most memorable moments for us always come from authentic interactions with people with similar vibes.  

KNG2LA: What keeps the band bonded? Is it movie nights? Jam sessions?

The.Wav: From family dinners to jam sessions, we love being together and creating. Also, we understand relationships typically fail because of two things - ego and poor communication. What ultimately keeps us bonded is our desire to effectively communicate with each other without ego.

KNG2LA: It has to be cliche and annoying when people ask you to describe your sound, but if you had to,  describe your sound. 

The.Wav: We would describe our sound as lush jungle, multi-dimensional, Afro trap-pop. 
KNG2LA: Tell us about some of your favorite events and music experiences in Los Angeles.

The.Wav: Our go-to parties in LA are Electric Punanny, Leave Your Cool and Bless Up. We also love the events that the Amplify Africa team is bringing to LA from Africa. As far as music experiences, Say Real definitely puts on one of the best shows in LA.

KNG2LA: What can we look forward to in the next coming months?

The.Wav: We are releasing our album and hosting the release party at Los Globos on November 3rd. Outside of that, you can catch us performing at the Airbnb Open Festival in mid November and various spots around the city. We're super excited to keep building and growing with the Afrobeat and reggae communities in LA. 

LA's eclectic music communities are welcoming The.Wav with open arms. Their album, titled Diaspora of Sound, is set for release on November 3rd and will include the band's hot new single "Love Games." Diaspora of Sound signals a special moment for LA's art and music scene. The creation and popularity of The.Wav is a testament to Los Angeles itself; a place where creative people from all backgrounds can represent a future filled with diversity, both in one's musical style and their intrinsic worldview.    

Listen to The.Wav's newest single "Claim My Love" here on KingstonToLA: