We are back with our favorite hits of the past week. Peruse what we have compiled and add these jams to your weekend playlist. Wheel Up!

We're feeling Wavvy again. The .Wav continue to release quality. Their newest single, "Drop," is a classic yet refreshing take on the love song formula. Featuring band member, Gregory Stutzer alongside songstress Amanda Fallon, their interest and honor of one another shine through the dreamy love song sequence. It's interesting, the vibes of the song bring out a gentle summer-time romance that is less about the physicality of the love, and hits more at the essence of a love affair - honor.  

Since the weather is heating up in LA and Spring is arriving, we are embracing the summertime vibes. So, we found the perfect song. Calvin Harris has been hinting at a collab with Frank Ocean for some time now, and we finally have a song to prove it. "Slide" does just that. Its breezy poolside ease can light up even the chillest of nights. Oh, and Migos is on the track? Nuff said. 

Diss tracks are always fun. So, Remy Ma's diss track that blew up the internet this past weekend deserves a listen or two. Fashioned after Nas' Jay-Z diss track "Ether," Remy takes Nicki Minaj TO TASK with "SHEther." I mean, it's murderous. Some say Nicki started it, but, take a listen, we think it's finished.  

Who isn't a sucker for a hard synth line underneath a pretty voice? Tei Shi's newest single, "How Far" keeps us excited for her upcoming album Crawl Space and her upcoming show with MO at the Novo here in Los Angeles on March 23rd. So listen, do your research, and go see this Argentine who is ready to take mainstream music by the horns.  

Cover Photo Courtesy of The .Wav & Instagram