It's that time - to listen up and listen down to some of our favorite vibes over the past week:

First up, we have the easy reggae vibes of Micah Shemaiah, with his song "Worldwide View" on the Lion on the Rise Riddim. Produced by Soundalize it! Records, the song is a smooth, love song reminiscent of an island roots ballad. The sound transports you, in an easy way; allowing the listener to just be where the song takes them. There is always time for love in your week, pree:

Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile's venture, Visible Cloaks has released an ambient album titled Reassemblage, that is worth a listen and a re-listen. A cohesive airy album, that screams new wave electronic; part organic, part synthetic, all fresh. To truly appreciate the vibes, the album needs to be experienced in its entirety. Pree the album below: 

Julie Byrne's new album, Not Even Happiness, is ethereal as they come, as reflective as a mirror. The vibe is easily achieved on the first single off the album, "Natural Blue." A song worth accompaniment on a hike, a road trip, or a reflective moment in the day.  

Finally, since Beyonce' just announced she will not be attending Coachella, we are going to sit down here and listen to this; while envisioning what could have been...



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