The Listen Down is bringing together new and old artists with their new vibes. That's what we do. So, check it.

Wu-Tang Clan is back!! Following up their most recent release, they have released a double feature video for the singles "If TIme is Money (Fly Navigation)" & "Hood Go Bang." Check the new old-school vibes below:

We were recently reminded of an artist that we were rocking with a few months ago, by a recent Pitchfork feature. Bad Gyal's brand of dancehall, mixed with Catalan-Barcelona style, is too hard not to pay attention to. So, check the article and the Dubbel Dutch produced track, "Jacaranda." 

Open Mike Eagle's newest joint, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, took the hip-hop head in all of us by storm. Now, he will be playing in Los Angeles at The Echo on Wednesday, October 25th. We can't wait and in anticipation of this, check the technique below:  

Lead image courtesy of @akabadgyal & Instagram