Welcome to September Listen Down family. Last week we had a special edition of the LD, so this week we are playing a little bit of catch up.  Get those good end of summer, beginning of fall vibes with us. Let's go. 

Oh Beck. He teased us a bit last summer with WOW. But now, it seems he is ready to give us a real life album On October 17th titled Colors; recently it was "Dear Life" and today it is "Up All Night." Both fresh and yet, awesomely so Beck. 

Kaytranada is simply a talent we support whenever he puts out new music. Here are three vibey instrumentals to get down with and get down to. 

Frank Ocean just doesn't stop. Since his performance at FYF Fest, we Angelinos feel connected to him. Here is another single in "Provider" to get you through the storms and the humidity and all those life circumstances. 

Lead photo courtesy of @kaytranada & Instagram