A new video from a song we featured before, a missed opportunity and a newcomer. All in a day's work for this week's version of the Listen Down. 

First up, our missed opportunity. This song is everywhere and was on repeat this weekend at Boomyard. For good reason, it's fire. Yet, we just didn't watch the video. I know, cause the video ...no words. Thus, just watch Rihanna in "Wild Thoughts" below: 

It's no secret around the KNG2LA office, I am a shameless Shabazz Palaces fan. We featured this song on a past Listen Down, yet here is the official video, which we love for its artistic decadence. Watch here: 

James Fauntleroy has been releasing future R&B tracks monthly since as long as I can remember. Besides being the songwriter behind some of your favorite jams, his most recent EP, DOJO, still hasn't ended its rotation on our playlist. So, it's no surprise we're into his newest single "Smoking." A little political and a lot of vibey instrumentation, listen below:  

Cover photo courtesy of @jamesfauntleroyii & Instagram