Whoa. What a week. A lot happened in the world of music over the past week. Let the newest edition of the Listen Down catch you up.

One of our favorite dancehall artists set the world on fire this weekend when he dropped his album (or playlist rather) More Life. Drake's ability to take over a whole weekend continues to amaze even the most cynical of his detractors. In celebration, "Blem" below:


Maybe we are becoming outlaw country fans. Maybe it's just the fact that this kind of music is seeing a surge in early 2017. Either way, we're cool with it. Pree The Shins take below, off their new album Heartworms:

Valerie June is right on target with her new record, The Order of Time. The best song off that record, "Astral Plane" is that as well; ethereal, dreamy, fantastical. Well, Astral Planey. 

In honor of our the real King of Rock & Roll, we end our Listen Down with one of our favorites from the immortal Chuck Berry. Without you Mr. Berry, we wouldn't be where we are today. Rest well.

Cover Photo Courtesy of @champagnepapi