The last few days of summer are here and with that comes the need for new music. Luckily, we have a brand new compilation from LA's own DJ Skighwalker entitled, "Summer Fuego." The reggaeton inspired mix is sure to keep the first few days of fall at bay, as the sounds keep the summer heat blazing. 

LA based reggaeton, dembow, dancehall DJ, DJ Skighwalker.

LA based reggaeton, dembow, dancehall DJ, DJ Skighwalker.

We recently caught up with DJ Skighwalker to learn more about LA's reggaeton music scene and where and when we can catch him live:

KINGSTONTOLA: Tell us about the reggaeton/dembow scene in LA? Is it growing? What can we look forward to?

DJ Skighwalker: Reggaeton has managed to maintain its popularity within the Los Angeles's youth. With mainstream radio stations incorporating reggaeton on the radio frequency, to the 49% of Hispanics residing with the county lines (the reggaeton scene has been solid). Dembow, on the other hand, is not as popular. As reggaeton steadily increases within popularity, my plan is to expose dembow and other genres like dancehall and reggae to the masses.

KNG2LA: We're looking forward to it! How long have you been DJing?

DJS: I began my DJ journey setting up cue points on a laptop in high school. No controller. It has been six years since I first started "DJing" from pep rallies to clubs.

KNG2LA: What's next for you?

DJS: The vision of my sound (system) include blending various genres and riddims worldwide. Bringing in people peacefully with the love of music and connecting with other positive influences. 

KNG2LA: Where can we catch you live?

DJS: Soon enough you will be able to catch me at Club Los Globos and live on social media entities like Facebook, where we stream live mixes. 

Solid. "Summer Fuego" delivers a modern, upbeat mix of reggaeton blended with 2016 dancehall anthems, such as a Latin version of Rihanna's "Work" and more. Listen to the mixtape here on KingstonToLA: