"Coming to a city near you, bringing the vibrant prescription of word, sound and power to your temples." These are the sentiments of Rampage Sound Global's CEO and founder DJ Rampage Global. A true music connoisseur, DJ Rampage Global has stayed true to these principles when bringing his sought after sets to the masses. As Rampage Sound Global begins to expand, so does the power of their brand; all the while sharing new dancehall and reggae music across the globe. 

The worldwide sound system recently dropped two brand new mixtapes, one the end of a saga, the other, a new beginning. "Humble Mi" completes DJ Rampage Global's project of Reggae Sequels marking the 13th and final installment. "Gwaan Big Up Yuhself" is the second mixtape of the summer from LA's brand new name in dancehall, DJ Enroute. This release marks DJ Enroute's first release under Rampage Sound Global.

We recently caught up with both DJ's in LA to discuss their respective releases, and what's next for Rampage Sound Global. 

Introducing Rampage Sound Global's newest addition: DJ Enroute.

Introducing Rampage Sound Global's newest addition: DJ Enroute.

DJ Enroute's upbeat dancehall, soca, Afrobeat mix titled "Gwaan Big Up Yuhself," starts off with the Roy Woods track of the same name and takes us through party anthems such as Bugle's "Rasta Party," Razor B's "Bruk Fimi Back," Alkaline's "Chun Chun," and more 2016 hits. DJ Enroute has been steadily making his way onto the scene as a next generation Belizean DJ, seamlessly mixing the latest tunes with authentic Caribbean energy. While "Gwaan Big Up Yuhself" is the first installment for DJ Enroute under Rampage Sound Global, Enroute has been playing sets for over seven years. He feels this tape is a true showcase of the work he has been putting in over the past year. "I tried to do EDM in it, but with Caribbean vibes so it's just more cultural," says Enroute. "This year has been a better year for me than any other year in terms of securing gigs, I am really pushing myself this year." 

Listen to "Gwaan Big Up Yuhself" here: 

DJ Rampage Global, CEO of Rampage Sound Global, captured at The Black Sea Batumni Jazz festival. 

DJ Rampage Global, CEO of Rampage Sound Global, captured at The Black Sea Batumni Jazz festival. 

The second fall release from Rampage Sound Global comes from the general himself, DJ Rampage Global. Having worked on creating Reggae Sequels over several years, this tape marks the end of the series for the Belizean DJ. We caught up with DJ Rampage Global to discuss the Alpha and Omega for this music industry veteran. "I had decided a while ago to conclude my Reggae Sequel at number 13 not really knowing what significance it would hold. Right now, we live in a time and space where things seem to be in an uproar and I feel like this is the period in which we must humble ourselves through all this destruction," he says. As the stars aligned, DJ Rampage Global will end his Reggae Sequel series at this auspicious number. 

According to DJ Rampage Global, "Humble Mi" serves as a reflection on where we are today and where we will be in the future. A spiritual being and an avid practitioner of Rastafari, this significance is not lost on the accomplished DJ. "I do believe we are living in the end times so I feel like this body of work will enlighten the listener and make them aware of the times." With conscious roots-reggae tracks from Fikir Amlak, Dezarie, Meleku, Luciano, Hempress Sativa and of course Jah9, the listener has no choice but to find a sense of tranquility in the catalog of music. In fact, it was DJ Rampage's intention to have the track "Humble Mi" fall at number 9, another sign of the times with this being the year of the nine, for those who believe in the power of numerology. The mixtape provides a one of a kind experience for conscious reggae lovers awakening them to - as DJ Rampage Global has set it up - the end times.

Listen to "Humble Mi" DJ Rampage Global's 13th and final installment of his Reggae Sequel series here on KingstonToLA.

Catch Rampage Sound Global performing live sets this Friday in Los Angeles at the ting called TO DI WORLD. For more hot mixes, follow Rampage Sound Global on Instagram @rampagesoundglobal.

Featured image courtesy of Andre Burke.