Dancehall has a king, queen, prince, princess, bad gyals and rude boys, but now it may have its very own superhero. Self-proclaimed dancehall superhero Noface Unknown is to many, as well as to KNG2LA, a mystery. 

Frantz Morris is a Montego Bay-born dancehall artist, better known by his stage name NoFace Unknown. Much like hip-hop artist's before him (MF Doom), the mask provides the artist with a unique combination of anonymity and notoriety. He was recently quoted in the Jamaican Star as saying, "No face. No ego. No doubt."  

A mask, by nature, can hint at a darker more sinister motive, yet this is not the case with NoFace. With songs such as, I Am The Chosen and Happy Like This, we see that the artist remains positive despite the mask's intimidating look. Again, it seems to be more about the mystery and persona the mask provides the artist.  

NoFace became a household name with the release of his hit single, Tank Up. The track made its rounds in the streets of Jamaica and on the island's FM dial rather quickly in the beginning of this year. It topped Jamaica's weekly FIWi Choice Top Ten after it's initial release and has been turned into a slang term that has resonated with Jamaicans near and far. The term means success and prosperity even when facing negativity or a bad mind, which provides solace for many Jamaican's living in the harsh economy. Many promoters have borrowed the term to get party goers to their events such as Tank Up Fridays or Tank Up Saturdays.

It is catchy and we do endorse the meaning. Tank Up! Listen to one of the hottest tunes running the streets of Jamaica here on KingstonToLA.

Images via @NoFace_Unknown.