We recently linked up with Nikki Kush, aka Lil' Kush Deejay, from Santiago Chile. A newly minted Angeleno, Nikki is a welcome addition to the local dancehall scene. Full of youthful energy matched only by her love of dancehall and reggae music; Nikki consistently studies the music to make sure she's up to date with the latest tunes. A vinyl collector and founder of Back To The Roots Records, Nikki's mixes have a special flare, incorporating her own interpretation of raw Jamaican vibes. 

"My inspiration for my choice of songs is love. I'm from Chile, I'm Latina, I love to move my waist!" says Nikki. "That kind of dancehall is my favorite and I love when the girls dance, moving their waist but looking like ladies." Nikki has been playing for over four years and is credited as one of the only female deejays to play reggae and dancehall music at local spots in Santiago, such as Jammin' club.

Nikki plans to continue her exploration of dancehall culture and collecting old school riddims on vinyl. With that, she aims to re-create authentic dancehall sets. "My next mix will be just full dance, but more worldwide."

Pree Nikki's "Waistline" mix here on KingstonToLA:

Featured image via Griz.