It's going UP this week with brand new music that continues to make us feel joyful and healthy. Previously titled The Listen Down, there's only one way to go from here. 

 The brand new album "New Narrative" by @randyvalentine drops this week.

The brand new album "New Narrative" by @randyvalentine drops this week.

Randy Valentine just released the second single, "Just in Time," off his much anticipated album New Narrative, which drops November 10. Valentine, a favorite voice amongst the tight knit roots reggae massive, speaks on his journey of constant evolution, which he has aptly dubbed The RVlution. While it's hard to choose, "Vigilant" stands out as our favorite singles off the record. The song embodies exactly what we respect about Valentine, his inclination for seeking higher vibrations. "Learn to use your hands, see what you can build, learn to use your feet, and see where they can take you," he urges on the track.

Listen to "Vigilant" here on KingstonToLA:

We've had our eye on regal roots empress Aza Lineage for some time now. The songstress recently released a video freestyle, showing her support for Jamaica's rapidly evolving Cannabis industry. With songs such as "Plant Up The Herbs," and "Smoke Weed Today," we're loving the valuable agricultural forward from Lineage and her camp. Watch her latest freestyle "Smoke Marijuana Today," here on KingstonToLA via Frazzle Lifestyle;

Another roots artiste on our radar is Giark "Digital B" of Digital B Records. Having recently performed at Jamaica's Dubwise event, we started listening to his latest single "I've Been There," a soulful serenade outside the confines of the typical rootical sound. Still a meditative vibration, "I've Been There" is a must on your 2017 roots rotation.

Listen to "I've Been There" performed and produced by Digital B here on KingstonToLA:

Featured image via @randyvalentine on Instagram.