Here at Kingston To LA it's our duty to keep you up to date with the current state of dancehall music each and every Friday. So, back by popular demand - our favorite new dancehall videos. Pree below:  

Demarco is one of Jamaica's top dancehall sensations and an old school renaissance man. Case in point, he's voiced over 100 riddims, has been featured on numerous songs, produces his own music and music videos for these tracks, as well as other artists under the BUNUPGANG label, True Gift Entertainment, which is his label! Impressive. Fresh off the international success of "Feelin You," a track produced by KickRaux featuring Demarco, Tyga, Ayo Jay and Doctor, Demarco released his newest music video for his latest single "Backaz." The song's hypnotic riddim makes it hard not to back it up, so don't try and just give in.  

Alkaline has been pumping out tune after tune over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down. This week he has been trending on YouTube with over 400,000 views for the official music video for his newest HOT single, "City." The song is produced by DJ Frass and the video was directed by Jay Will from Game Over Productions. 

Unity is becoming a familiar theme in dancehall recently, which is a positive response to the continued violence in Jamaica. So, it is only fitting that Bounty Killer, Chris Martin, Ding Dong, Iyara and 3 Star all came together on the "Beach Vybz Riddim Medley." The song was produced by Anjanie for King Dreamz Entertainment and Conscious Mind Records. 

Leave it up to Tommy Lee Sparta and he will bring the creepy vibes to the party. Still high off the Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos holidays, here's his latest music video for, "Militancy." The official dance video was choreographed by Mylana Malsert-Celle, a talented dancehall choreographer from France. 

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