Mixtape Musings’ features Dub Inna Valley’s 3rd installment of their Voice of the Meadow mixtape series. A meditative dub experience, thoroughly researched by Dub Inna Valley’s Ras Zakarias. The compilation is a must listen for all roots reggae lovers.


The mix features top selections such as Chronixx’s “Selassie Children,” Fari Di Future’s “Tree of Life,” Akae Beka’s “Nurtured Frequency” and the crucial tune - “Hail” from artist to watch, Kashie. The mix feels like a celebration of life - sharing a reflective vibration of tunes that will seamlessly remind you of your place in the world.

Listen to Voice of The Meadow Vol. 3 here on KingstonToLA:

Lead image courtesy of @raszakarias & Instagram