This week we are excited to bring to you a new mixtape from one of our favorite LA-based DJs, DJ Crooks. DJ Crooks is a real deal Kingston to Los Angeles story, as he hails from the Havendale community in Kingston's upper Mannings Hill area. Crooks came to the City of Angels from the Bronx three years ago and has been bringing the Los Angeles community quality vibes ever since.

As the summer draws to a close, we are ever mindful of songs and mixes that assist us in keeping the easy vibes going. Crooks' new mixtape is perfect for this mindset. A vibey, beachcombing mix that is perfect for all your final wavey days. With artists such as Raging Fyah, Ziggy Marley, Stick Figure and more, the mixtape delivers. Pree it below:

Catch Crooks at Jamaican Gold on Sundays spinning the dancehall tunes and make sure to join him for PEPPASEED at Los Globos on September 24th. Look out for upcoming music from DJ Crooks and Crazy Hype, as well as new music from his running mate Banga Brownin

Photos Courtesy of Instagram