DJ Rampage Global is back with his newest roots mix, Master of Ceremonies. Always impeccable with his selections and diligent in spreading a specific message, we caught up with Rampage Global to discuss his latest works.  

KNG2LA: Tell us why you chose the title, Master of Ceremonies:

DJ RAMPAGE GLOBAL: The title comes from one of the many titles given to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, The First H.I.M. He was (is) The Master Of Ceremonies, word, sound and power. His teachings and delivery to the earth speaks power and is relevant to the disasters taking place on earth currently; many which have come to pass. Reggae being the vessel, bringing the clarity of his teachings through the players, and singers of instruments, which I work effortlessly to express through the art form of Turntablism, rooted from the sound system culture.

 Graphics by @Illkingz

Graphics by @Illkingz

KNG2LA: Describe the inspiration behind the cover art.

DJ RAMPAGE GLOBAL: With the title comes an in-depth thought process to visually display to the listener the marriage between the title, frequency, and overall expression of the body of work to the chosen ones in tune. Done by "Grafx" of Illkingz, this is an illustration of H.I.M. speaking to the League of Nations in concerns to Italy invading Ethiopia. [On] several occasions, H.I.M. addressed the league in concerns to global matters taking negative turns affecting all nations. I believe in this time we should seek his teachings, it would help us all, both home and abroad. Specifically, in this illustration, you can see H.I.M. speaking directly to the powers currently, addressing 21st-century issues. (WW3)

KNG2LA: How do you generally choose your selections, what makes the cut?

DJ RAMPAGE GLOBAL: I have no way of clearly explaining the painting I get inspired to paint, through the highest existence in the tapes. What I can tell you is that I collect music, and tune into almost every element of the music. This takes on its own time, and happen to fit, and bring relevance to what is taking place (globally). In addition to the title, I build the body of work around the inspiration of all the factors musically to explain our current time and theme/outcome of the project. (Seeking the teachings of H.I.M. / works on earth).

KNG2LA: What's coming up for Rampage Sound Global?

DJ RAMPAGE GLOBAL: Currently touring with Ms. Lauryn Hill, (Dj Rampage Global), DJ EnRoute is spinning all over Los Angeles, and is quickly rising amongst the best DJ's in California. New mixtapes coming soon, website, production, and events. Be on the look out for those elements. For inquiries contact:

Experience the elements DJ Rampage Global speaks of with crucial tunes such as "Father of the Man" by Stephen Marley, "Rasta Nuh Gangsta" by Samory I, "Revolution Empress" by Hempress Sativa and more. DJ Rampage Global also reminds us his catalog is rich and showcases his wide reach with dubplates from Protoje and Jesse Royal to name a few. 

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Featured image by Nikki Miller.