Machu Ezra brings us another 90's drenched, soulful single that would surely make Maxi Priest proud. Although a not so distant cry from his previously Weeknd-esque releases, "Crooked Smile" has enough reggae flavor to keep his sound purely Jamaican, while still expressing his Westernized influences. 

 Follow Machu Ezra on Instagram @machu.ezra

Follow Machu Ezra on Instagram @machu.ezra

The video was shot in Jamaica, at Portmore's Wickie Wacky Beach and Ruins, by Recruit Pixel, and directed by Richard Burgess. The visuals capture a night beach and golden wilderness, that Machu Ezra is lost in. Ezra's personal style shines (per usual), as the context of the song is encompassed through the presence of beautiful women painted gold, dancing around Machu as they represent the alluring, yet deceptive, love interest he sings of.

There have been many songs with the same subject matter: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl betrays boy for financial gain and girl really really sucks. Yet, "Crooked Smile" allows us to explore this commonly discussed topic from a different artistic angle. Machu and his crew of creatives bring a celebratory vibe to the subject matter. Basking in this woman's deviousness, as it drives them mad. It's almost as if musical history is revealing itself with every "chekkeh" of the guitar.

This creative exploration is definitely not a bad thing. It proves that Machu Ezra is as multi-layered and multi-faceted, as he is talented. "The video's motive was to put a creative spin on Jamaican reggae music videos, while still staying true to my Jamaican culture", Ezra states. "A mixture of anger and sadness."

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Featured image via Machu Ezra Music on Facebook.