You'd be mistaken to compare Machu Ezra to any of the RnB crooners or sing-jays you're familiar with. In fact, Machu Ezra is etching out his own territory, breaking the bounds of the typical music genres. He's focused on making his music an experience, expressed through various art forms.

Usually donning at least one futuristic or avante garde accessory, Machu commands a room upon entrance. His presence feels artistic as he expresses himself effortlessly. It is refreshing to see an entertainer possess such a keen sense of self, both in their music and how they present themselves. 

Ezra is his alter ego. The one that shows up when he's formulating his OOTD. It is this duality that makes Machu and Ezra so special. We were initially drawn in with his past hit, Exposed. More recently, his style choices have garnered our attention. Yet, we are reminded that music is the main draw, with songs like his latest Crooked Smile, produced by the BVD ONE.

Machu pushes the boundaries of the typical crooner, refusing to fit into that box. The production style is part 90's RnB seasoned with the dancehall stylings of that era. "He (BVD ONE) understands me completely and knows how to bring out what I want", Ezra says of his creative connection to his producer.

Being such a unique artist amongst a sea of the usual, Machu Ezra is hopeful that Jamaica, the land he loves, will be more accepting of experimental genres of music: "people are definitely more open minded to new sounds and artists the country is creating. So who knows, times may change." We hope so too.  

Check out his visionary visual productions directed by Nick Anglin @TheAnglei.