We are back. Big tings brewing, excited about life, that's what The Listen Down vibes give us. Here is another listing of our favorite tracks, so that you can feel our good vibes from wherever you are too.  

Watch out for great new music debuting soon from Jamaican singer-songwriter Indie Allen. In the meantime, the artist has some tracks that gives us a glimpse into an independent style of Jamaican reggae music, capsulated in the realm of folk-rock, allowing Indie to righteously declare "Indie Me Name."

Produced by J Twist, Pree "I've Been Waiting" here:

We highlighted J-Hus in a previous segment and he's found his way back here. His newest video for "Common Sense" is just as fun as his last, and the song knocks as well. Pree below:

Sometimes we find things on the come up and it becomes our own personal "have you heard this?" This record feels this way, so shh. Francis Novotny hails form Glothenburg/London, and his newest release is as fresh at it is dreamy. A serious record for serious people - who just want to have fun.  

This whole record has us illin'. Russ' recent release There's Really a Wolf is slamming, cover to cover. So, as we explore the record more and more, our favorite song changes. Today it's "Me You": 

Stop it. This is being considered as the record of the year, and it was just released less than a week ago. Guess who? Harry Styles. Yes, that Harry Styles. Shed your preconceived notions at the door. This self-titled record is awesome. A touch of Bowie, a dash of 70s rock, and a whole new Mr. Styles. Pree the debut single below, and stop your fronting: 

Lead Photo Courtesy of Nico Groskopf & Instagram