@kyenie on Instagram

@kyenie on Instagram

Reggae soul-rebel Kyenie King characterizes a mystical sound of the times. His haunting voice has a familiarity that catches listeners with relevant lyrics to empower the mind. The new age Jamaican reggae singer recently released his new album "Change Things" a 15 song compilation of King's best works. Originally from St. Ann Jamaica, King grew up in St. Mary where he formed his roots in music as a perceptive artist, documenting the struggles of the oppressed. Now on tour in California and the West Coast, KingstonToLA recently caught up with King to find out what gives him inspiration to write continue writing music that can inspire among other things, much needed social change.

KingstonToLA: Tell us what people don't know about you.

Kyenie: I would say I express myself through the art of music, love and vibration. I'm a lover of people, I'm a lover of humanity. I think my music expresses who I am. If people listen to Kyenie they will see, cause music can bridge a gap and bring people together, I'm a firm believer in doing that with my musical works. Just a country youth you know.

KingstonToLA: When you've traveled where have you felt the most love?

Kyenie: I'd say Germany and Florida. They know my music, cause it's not on the radio like that. So I see people there following my music, even going back to Myspace days. I had a track on the soundtrack of the movie Shottas so people are familiar with that. 

KingstonToLA: Why did you name the album "Change Things" ?

Kyenie: I feel like we're running out of time, time is of the essence right now so people have to utilize their time in a more constructive way. Change Things means we can't sit around and wait on politics or politicians to do it for us, we have to start changing ourselves, loving our neighbors again. We need that brotherly and sisterly love because I see it's missing and being replaced by so called reality tv shows and not real life, which is dividing the people. I just urge people to listen to the music, feel the vibration and start to check ourselves more. We have to do that self reassurance sometimes and think before we act, see how we can make ourselves better. The battle I fight is much deeper because I feel like there's an energy hypnotizing the people right now and we have to be really careful what we feed our minds. Be careful what you eat too! Food is a dangerous weapon right now. 

KingstonToLA: How is the response to the new music and tell us what's next in the works?

Kyenie: The response has been a little bit overwhelming, I was surprised. Now we are gearing up for doing a Europe tour also, I'm gonna be more on the visual aspect. I've been doing a lot of acoustic jam sessions so now we just plan to take it on the road. Some shows will be a full band, some acoustic, we just plan to show the versatility with some positive music for the soul.

King continues to wow new and veteran fans with his spiritual songs for the soul. Watch the video for his hit single "Love Means Everything" here on KingstonToLA:

"Change Things" now available on ITunes.

Featured image by Letter 8 Media.