Kreesha Turner, a Canadian born-Jamaican cultured singer, grew up deeply influenced by her roots. She uncovered her love for music while living in Jamaica at the age of 15, where she realized that the music of Jamaica is an integral part of the culture. The island's heart, its center. This connection started her on a path to come full circle, back to the sound and vibes of her island.    

After living in Jamaica for the first two years of preparatory, she moved back to Canada where she became interested in dance and jazz. Kreesha credits this love of dance and jazz music as the keys to keeping her creative fire burning. While in Canada, she began to branch out into the local hip-hop scene, where she generated a buzz and won a local radio contest. Soon after, she released her first studio album, Passion. The album was a success, earning a nomination for best new pop album. The record's single, Don't Call Me Baby, turned platinum and Kreesha was awarded the Canadian Radio Music Award for best new solo artist. 

In 2011, she released a double sided album, Tropic Electric. One side the pop-dance vibes, while the other, more gritty, more in line with her roots. The combination of roots and dance caught the attention of many, which has led her to where she is now; at the peak of her musical evolution. 

As the new album's title states, Evolution (is) Inevitable. Infusing reggae, hip hop and dancehall vibes, you can't help but appreciate the present state of her musical journey. Evoking the dancehall theme, she teamed up with dancehall artist Konshens on the song Can't Wait, which is one of our favorites.

So, the lesson on this Friday is good news for all creative people. Evolution and progression is ever moving you forward, guiding you to the place you are meant to be. Kreesha's musical journey reminds us of this fact, and keeps us ever hopeful.  

Kreesha also recently recorded Body Good over the Picture Riddim, created by veteran reggae- dancehall artist Shaggy.

Last year Kreesha was featured on the song, Champagne Dreams. The electric dance tune is sure to keep the party going. The video for single was released earlier this week, and you can watch Kreesha sizzle below here on  KingstonToLA.

Kreesha will also be turning it up again this year at the Hollywood Carnival June 25th. So, join her and us as we celebrate the cities Caribbean vibes later this month.  

*Images courtesy of Kreesha Turners instagram.