It's the video every blogger is blogging. THE Video. The video that is all the talk. An ode to the 80s workout videos/Flashdance that is sex personified. Yes, it's FADE.

The Teyana Taylor dance video is one of Kanye's most creative yet. Yet, it's easy to take it at face value. A beautiful woman oiled and barely dressed gyrating on your screen. Again, an ode to the 80s workout videos ala Jane Fonda, with the sex of Jennifer Beal in Flashdance. It seems all so simple and then, bam, Kanye ends the video with the Shumpert family amongst sheep while the video vixen, Ms. Taylor, transforms into a feline. A powerful image that shocks the viewer, snapping us out of our drool-fest. Why this image?

Well, there are many theories. She's a symbol of power, has transformed to show female dominance, and although those all have truth, this Reddit contributor may have cracked the code. She's become sex personified, and we are amongst the sheep watching. We are both shamed and simultaneously shaken from our current sleep; a wet dream of sorts.  

The analysis is fun, yet it can take away from the beauty on the screen. Taylor kills the video and shows off the talent and beauty that many in the industry have been privy too for some time. It's a breakout for Taylor and rumor has it she is working on a new video for Kanye while dipped in gold

Teyana Taylor shot by Sasha Samsonova @sashasamsonova

Teyana Taylor shot by Sasha Samsonova @sashasamsonova

Either way, we can't get enough of Kanye's new muse. Oh, and Fade is one of our favorites songs off TLOP, we should mention that.  Enjoy:

Featured image via Teyana Taylor on Instagram by SevelleVisuals.