The Haitian-born, Canadian-bred electronic musician/DJ Kaytranada released one of our favorite albums of the year with his solo project, 99.9%The album - also Kaytranada's debut - has received critical acclaim and was awarded the coveted Polaris Music Prize. The record has numerous highlights and one of our favorite singles of the spring/summer, "Glowed Up." 

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Watch the video for "Glowed Up" here:

So, obviously it grabbed our attention when he released a mixtape just in time for the autumn breeze (although it's still scorching in Los Angeles). It's a dreamy journey through hip hop, R&B and house with some electronic leggings. The compilation features a bevy of samples from some more recent hip hop releases, while also blending some of Kaytranada's own recent productions. Pree the mixtape below:

One more fun fact: Kaytranada recently posted a picture working alongside Andre 3000, which started a firestorm of rumors and wonderment. The photo has since been deleted from Instagram, but whatever the two are working on, we know it will be worth listening to.   

Featured image courtesy of Kaytranada's Facebook page.