Here at KNG2LA, we are a multifaceted bunch. Modern renaissance men and women. Case in point, one of our contributors and all around talented musicians, Jamaican singer-songwriter Kat C.H.R.

 Photo by Monique Gilpin

Photo by Monique Gilpin

KAT's musicality lives outside the confines of traditional Caribbean music. This month, she releases Pychotropical, a title giving love to the very genre it unfurls. The sound is a 2016 ethereal take on late 90s - early 2000s love pop. Her vocals stand out, as they hide in-between the grooves and breaks, just peaking at the right time to guide you on your journey. KAT is also a talented live performer with a distinct ability to connect to her audience. Her following is always highly engaged and eager to explore her passionate sound, as are we.

Produced by Natural High Music, watch the video for Mvrder Mvrder here. 

Both videos that accompany the EP release live in the ethereal plane as well. Allowing the viewer a glimpse of the world KAT's music creates. A purposeful movement through feeling, love and desire.   

Produced by David Marston & Frano, watch the Summertime video here:

Psychotropical is KAT's first release on the SPACE TAPES label. Download the EP on iTunes here!