In an age where only the biggest artists release full albums, it's rare to feel like an album is complete. A work of art. One full piece of music that is reflective and honest. A piece of music that takes risks and does what music is supposed to do, awe us as we soak in a new world.   

This is what James Blake's new album accomplishes. It's his most honest and aggressive album to date. He takes risks, as is indicative of where he sculpted the album, at Rick Rubin's serene Shangri-La Studio in Malibu. The first video off the record displays the layers with which James' honest new sound paints:

From the opening track, Radio Silence, you can hear his intent. This refined sound, which he has been crafting for two albums now, is filled with meaning and no wasted moments. Even on the title track, The Colour in Anything, the transition from "modern soul" to a more stripped down version doesn't feel abrasive. The listner welcomes the movement.

Since Blake began to push boundaries with his first release, people picked up on his new sound and made it their own. We wrote about one of these such artists recently, Jack Garrett. Yet now, James has set the bar higher. The Godfather of Modern Soul has come to redefine the genre he created, and it feels good. 

The Colour In Anything is now available on iTunes