The King of The Dancehall is surely Vybz Kartel. His highly anticipated 14-track album, of the same title, is now available for pre-order on Itunes. It is also exclusively available for Apple Music subscribers on June 3rd, a week before the official global release on June 10th. With the purchase of the pre-order, his first single, Fever, is available for your listening and viewing pleasure; as it is accompanied by a music video found on Vybz' Vevo and YouTube. 

Vybz refuses to let his incarceration come in the way of making music for his fans.

Vybz refuses to let his incarceration come in the way of making music for his fans.

The music video is a short film series, shot on location in Portmore (Vybz's home town) and around Jamaica. The video begins with a phone call from the incarcerated artist to his lady friend, which then quickly turns into a marathon of hot Caribbean gals wining upon the beach, in their bedroom and around waterfalls. As the video comes to a close, it leads into the second installment, hinting towards the action in Vybz' next single from the record, Western Union. Coincidentally (not) this is also where the characters are headed after pulling off a successful lottery scam phone call, leaving us anxious to see the rest of the story.

Hold on to your hats, this looks like it's shaping up to be a three part video series with the third track, Colouring This Life, set to be released on June 3rd. Anything can happen when Vybz is at the creative controls, as he is always surprising us. 

Watch Fever, part one of the video series, below: 

In a press release, Vybz described the record by saying, "This album will bring its listeners into the world of hardcore DANCEHALL, not some ‘pop music’ watered down version. It will give you a peek into my Jamaica. Not the one on the tourist board ads, but the real Jamaica...DANCEHALL JAMAICA.”

We can always rely on Vybz to bring dancehall back to its OG essence, its most truest form. The album is filled with never before released songs by Vybz, which were recorded before his 2011 incarceration. The artist's fifth studio album was mastered by his long time friend Linton ‘TJ’ White, of TJ Records, a renowned dancehall music producer, who has also produced the dancehall star's most recent album, Viking: Vybz is King. As we have said before, it seems Vbyz cannot be held down; kings will be kings. 

01. Colouring This Life
02. Every Girl
03. Lipstick
04. Fever
05. Can't Say No
06. Don't Know Someone
07. Hey Addi
08. Open Up Di Door
09. Most Wanted
10. Enemy Zone
11. Like Google
12. Sorry Babe
13. Western Union
14. Which Friend

Photos via Vybz Kartel on Facebook.