OG's are hard to come by; that's why they are a special breed. This week we get to big up one of our favorite LA-based dancehall DJs, and an OG when it comes to spinning reggae-dancehall in the City of Angels, DJ SLOEPOKE. DJ SLOEPOKE has been deejaying in Los Angeles since the '90s and while some have retired their jersey to the rafters, DJ SLOEPOKE shows no signs of SLOEing down anytime soon.

Follow DJ SLOEPOKE on Instagram @djsloepoke

Follow DJ SLOEPOKE on Instagram @djsloepoke

"Fiesta Caribe" is SLOEPOKE's first release in several years and the mixmaster remains now and timely. Infusing his Latin-Caribbean style, SLOEPOKE mixes Afro-Caribbean rhythms with Latin lyrics and songs, showcasing LA's diverse melting pot. In fact, we'd call it the most social mix for Angelenos; you can play it at a spring BBQ or at your family reunion.

According to SLOEPOKE, "What it is, a lot of music is influenced by dancehall and Latin genres such as Dembow. I call it Latin-Caribbean because if you go on vacation to say Trinidad, a lot of DJs are infusing the Latin sound with dancehall music." At KNG2LA, we consider it the best of both worlds.

Pree DJ SLOEPOKE's first of many releases here is "Fiesta Caribe" on KingstonToLA: