Music's norms and rules are meant to be bent, poked, pushed. With TRAPSOCA, the brand new mixtape from DJs Lady X and Willy Wonka, the two combine soca and trap music to push the boundaries of traditional Caribbean sound, while giving the younger generation of Calypso fans something they can jam to with the times.

 Belizean born LA based - DJ Lady X

Belizean born LA based - DJ Lady X

KingstonToLA recently caught up with the two to find out how they formed, their inspirations, and what's coming next for the dynamic duo.  

KingstonToLA: How long have you been DJing and what got you into it?

DJ Lady X: I started DJing professionally in 2005 right out of high school in Belize. My father DJs in Belize as well and owns a record store, so I've always been exposed to djing and music. Being exposed to it and practically growing up in music, it only seemed to be the natural next step for me.

DJ Willy Wonka: I started Djing professionally about 8 years ago. It all really started when I was a college DJ at Syracuse University. I was also an in-house DJ for the Caribbean Students Association, where i was djing reggae, dancehall, and soca. I began a college tour where I hit up about 16 Colleges in the Tri-state area with the sound crew I'm currently part of called Swift Soundz; which includes another Trinidadian DJ known as DJ Fiasco.

KNG2LA: Tell us about TRAPSOCA in your own words? 

DJWW & DJLX: TrapSoca is essentially a mixtape that involves a blend of trap and soca music. Both genres are modern forms of hip hop and calypso. The reason why we came up with this mixtape is because it's music that our younger generation enjoys. It's music that gets you hype and wanting to move.

KNG2LA: How have you seen the genre grow?

DJWW: The Soca (Soul of Calypso) genre has seen some big growth, especially with all the carnivals popping up in various cities and states in America and abroad. The music is beautiful music, that involves happiness and love. Soca music brings people of different shades of color together singing and jumping together as one.  It's really a genre of music that brings unity.

DJLX: Trap/Rap music has grown exponentially on the mainstream charts and radio. I remember when you were lucky to hear 4 or 5 (t)rap songs on the radio (in LA & in Belize). I've also seen it become more accepted on the Reggae scene; where it still surprises me that you can get a big forward from playing Rap, and it's not just limited to a wicked reggae or dancehall song.

 Soca proliferator DJ Willy Wonka

Soca proliferator DJ Willy Wonka

KNG2LA: Where can we catch your live set?

DJLX: I work primary with Scratch Events, so I do a lot of in-store, corporate and private events throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Follow me on Instagram @DJLadyX to find out where I'll be next.

DJWW: You can catch me DJing at Zanzibar the last Thursday of every month for a party called "Las Wuk." I'm also LIVE on the Illusive Radio App for a show called "The Weekend Mix" from 8pm to 10pm PST on Fridays. Lastly, I'm one of the DJs on the road for Hollywood Carnival.

Listen to TRAPSOCA here on KingstonToLA and expand your musical mind with the duo's genre-bending style: 

Images by Darrell Prins.