DJ BIGGA has been building up the vibes on the west coast and this year his star is beginning to rise. To his credit, he has become one of Los Angeles' most sought after dancehall-reggae DJs. BIGGA was born Brendon Vargas to Belizean parents in Los Angeles California. Coming up in the early '90s, his Caribbean heritage began to greatly influence his artistic visions and music preferences. BIGGA credits his Jamaican godmother for the introduction to Jamaican dancehall mixes. Returning from visits to the island, BIGGA's godmother would bring him Passa Passa DVDs. These DVDs birthed his love of music and told his future, so to speak. The DJ vision came to him when his godmother took him to his first Jamaican dance. "The way I saw the DJ take control of the crowd with the music, that's what I loved most about it and I had never seen that before," says BIGGA.

 BIGGA has a string of events lined up in the near future.

BIGGA has a string of events lined up in the near future.

What makes DJ BIGGA unique is not only his selection in great tunes but also his ability to use the mic to hype up the crowd on the dance floor. After years of perfecting his style, BIGGA has been able to use his influences to his advantage. His sets provide an authentic Caribbean experience, for revelers looking for a vibe infused with island culture. Playing venues around LA, from Hollywood to South Central, BIGGA has been able to provide a customized set by vibing with the crowd. "In South Central, you can play Vybz Kartel, Dexta Daps, Mavado, and then when you get to Hollywood you play more of a commercial (set) like they know who Sean Paul is, Beenie Man and more commercial artists ... It's different but I love all kinds of music. So, it's easy to read the crowd."

Even though BIGGA plays several LA sets with credibility in mind, he acknowledges the draw of becoming a more commercialized DJ. "Being a selector or a DJ is kind of hard if you don't live on the east coast. East coast DJs get bookings several times a week; but what I think will take you really far is consistency. Some people only do it for the money, but you have to have passion. I do it for the passion and because I love music." says BIGGA.

This year BIGGA will be working on his Vlog, BIGGA's Worldhosted on his rapidly growing YouTube channel. The DJ will be  also spinning at BRT Weekend, a massive three-day Caribbean party in Huntington Beach. The festival will feature several dancehall artists and celebrities such as Gyptian, Konshens, CHI Ching Ching and Sean Kingston. 

BIGGA is also known for hosting successful Caribbean dances such as For The Love of BIGGA, his annual birthday celebration which draws about 400 guests every February. "In five years I am probably going to be hosting a show on the radio, my goal is to be on tour with artists that perform really well like Cham or Mavado," he says. 

Due to BIGGA's attention to how the crowd experiences his set, he has seen his following continue to grow. Not only is he diligent about the Caribbean authenticity of his set, but he is also interested in making the most of the time he spends on decks. "What makes me feel good is when people come up to me to thank me and tell me they had so much fun, it makes me feel really good because I feel like I did my job."

Check out DJ BIGGA's authentic throwback mixes on his Soundcloud page, definitely some our favorite sets here at KingstonToLA:





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